Enter the world of Paperia! The planet has been invaded by the dreaded Georeds and it is up to you to stop them! Collect resources to craft better weapons and defeat the invaders.


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Premise is really fun - although I seem to keep dying... :P

Ha ha! Thanks!

I loved how its a turned based game that doesn't feel like one at all. I appreciated the way the level were designed and the game mechanics all fitted very well together. Excellent entry!

I love this game!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

nice game

Thank you!

The music got me PUMPED!  I like the real-time-feeling turned based nature and health management is an interesting aspect to getting to where you want to go.  This was a lot of fun.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

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The overlain graphics are very off. When not fullscreen, I can see the listing for wood, stone and steel gets cut off at the bottom. When fullscreen, I can't see my health or xp. I'm on windows. help.

Hmm... Not really sure It seems to be working fine. If your playing it on browser you can just download the windows version and it should be fine.


You just need to change the ViewPort dimensions in the setting when you upload it.   Change them to the resolution to exported it in.

Ah... Thank you!

In this picture it just looks like you need to go fullscreen.

Here's both the story panel and game snapshots. You can just see the H and X of the health and experience bars.


I know it dosen't seem crucial, but it's something you'll really want to work on if you want your game to look presentable to everyone who wants to try it out. This is a simple jam game so its not that important, but it's something to keep in mind for the games your looking to be known by.


Huh. On my computer it looks fine.

that's not the downloaded version,  sorry. thats the web version. It could be not scaling correctly to my  monitors aspect ratio, which for the record, is a TV hooked up to a  pc. I don't think its very likely to be the reason why though.

I really love how simple yet complex this game is. Music and sound effects are awesome, animations are super clean and a great source of game juice!

Good job!

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Thank you very much!

Really cool concept! Punching feels awesome and the music and sounds add a lot of juice to the gameplay.

 I was thinking that maybe allowing holding the arrow keys would make it easier to control. 

Great job anyway! 

Thank you!